200 Congratulations Messages For 40th Wedding Anniversary – Best Wishes & Quotes Collection

    151. Congratulations to a wonderful couple ever. May your all dream come true? Live a happy life. From today your bonds become stronger than before. Happy anniversary

    152. Congratulations for your 40th wedding anniversary. You together have completed dozen of years. It reflects that you both will be together for a lifetime. God bless you both.

    Congratulations Messages on Your 40th Wedding Anniversary

    153. Congratulations like a sunlight on dark forest. Keep lightening each other in every bad situation. Good luck ahead.

    154. Congratulations for your 40th anniversary. It seems like both of you and your relation is immortal. May success and love hits on every path of your life.

    155. What a magical moment 40 years of togetherness proves that how loyal both of you are. Keep on continue congratulations

    Congratulations Messages on Your 40th Wedding Anniversary

    156. Congratulations for your wedding anniversary mate. Even Romeo and Juliet fail in front of your love between each other.

    157. Congratulations God bless you and your sweet family today and for the whole life. As you know anniversary ceremony brings a lot of happiness and love at same time.

    158. I’m so excited because it’s been a long time I never saw your smiling face. Congratulations

    Congratulations Messages on Your 40th Wedding Anniversary

    159. Whenever I see love story movie the first couple I used to imagine is both of you dude.

    160. Congratulations for wedding anniversary mate. Sacrifice everything for each other but don’t sacrifice each other. Good luck for ahead.

    161. Congratulations. On this beautiful day I wish you a romantic and joyful life with your wife for coming years.

    162. Congratulations brother. May your relationship convert into the bond which can’t be break even after last breathe.

    Congratulations Messages on Your 40th Wedding Anniversary

    163. Connection of true pure spirit is known as best relationship of the world. Congratulations. Keep it up.

    164. Without your wife you are like a car without any wheels. Congratulations for your 40th anniversary. True love never dies and God blesses you both.

    165. Congratulations sister for your wedding anniversary. May this moment help you both ending conflict and growing love for years and years.


    Wedding Anniversary Congratulations Messages

    166. Congratulations mate. What an awesome opportunity to restart your new loving life with your wife.

    167. Marriage gives you a chance of knowing each other. It is the most memorable even happen in your life. Congratulations for wedding anniversary.

    168. Unique individuals combine to form outstanding one. What a combination always keep it real. Congrats

    Wedding Anniversary Congratulations Messages

    169. Congratulations. May God gift you an angel in coming days. Keep your relation strong till the end.

    170. Congrats bro may your love life be more powerful and romantic god bless you

    171. I was the one who made you two together and thank you for understanding each other very well. Don’t look back. Go forward. Congratulations

    Wedding Anniversary Congratulations Messages

    172. Congratulations sister you are lucky to have a husband like Lord Shiva. He will always protect you from any situation. Congratulations.

    173. Congrats on your 40th wedding anniversary. May trust support you both? Never leave each other. Divorce is for losers.


    174. Congratulations dear may every night support you for making satisfying love. Stay blessed.

    175. If one day bare feet cripple you don’t worries your wife will make you wear slippers. Congratulations.

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