600 Congratulation Messages For New Baby Girl Born – New Baby Wishes & Quotes Collection

    Congratulations on the arrival of your princess, she is a beauty to behold and the cutest girl I’ve ever seen.

    A girl is a blessing for her parents, a wonder for her family and a gift for a world that can always use a little more beauty. Know that you are surrounded by many who share your joy and will love to see your little one as she grows up. Congratulations.

    Wonder, adventure, dreams, and love. That’s what girls are made of. Enjoy every joyful moment with your new little daughter.

    Congratulations for your beautiful girl. She is sure to fill your lives with joy.

    A new girl will bring much more to their lives than I expected. More joy, more love, more happiness. More shoes, more clothes, more accessories. I am happy for you both.

    Congratulation Messages For New Child

    She is small but doesn’t let that fool you. Your dreams could change the world. As your daughter grows, she will find her way. She will be her person. She will shine with her beautiful light. Because you’ll raise her that way, and you’ll love her so much. Congratulations

    What will the future hold for your baby? All the love that has been waiting for her in your hearts, all the delights that her little eyes can see or her hands can reach. The freedom to be who you are, to follow your own heart and your inner voice. Everything wonderful you can dream and more.

    Welcome, girl, to live and to love and all the things that sweet dreams are made of. Congratulations!

    So precious, so loved. A small, sweet and new baby can make bigger dreams come true.

    There is nothing like the joy of having in your arms the miracle of life, so fresh and new. It may be new in the world, but you already know that love is in the circle of your arms. Congratulations

    Little girl, we looked at her face and it’s as if we could see the future. Here are all the dreams and possibilities, all the laughs and the love to come. Here is the sweetest future with your new little daughter. Congratulations

    She is a dream come true. She will capture your heart and fill your life with love. Welcome to your new girl.

    Congratulation Messages For New Child

    She is a new, bright little spirit of innocence. Blessings to you as you guide your new daughter to everything that will become

    There is so much to discover, learn and do. A world of wonders awaits you! How excited you should be! You and your little one have a lot to wait for.

    She is cute and tender, soft and sweet, a perfect girl from head to toe! Congratulations


    I remember you both acted like children and now you are parents. I am excited, happy and excited at the same time. I wish you both good luck. Congratulations!!

    I know you might be a little nervous thinking about the future, but I am sure you will be good parents. Congratulations. We hope to meet you guys!

    I can’t wait to meet the baby and look at the happy faces of the two. Congratulations to both of you. I wish you all the luck and happiness.

    What wonderful news about your new baby girl! I know she will bring many blessings to your life. Congratulations and blessings to you and your family.

    Congratulations on your new girl. I know you will be a wonderful mother. Good luck to you. I am always there for you if you need anything.

    Your baby is as adorable and cute as you, I’m sure she will grow up with a good heart because she would be raised by people with a good heart. Congratulations on the birth of your baby.

    Congratulation Messages For New Child

    Thank you for the message and photo of your new girl. She is very beautiful! Congratulations, and if you need anything, please let me know. I am always there for you.

    Now you have a new princess for you, I can’t be happier for you, congratulations on the birth of your pretty princess.


    Little princess, I welcome you to a wonderful and exciting world, your arrival has just added another bright star to our lives. Congratulations.

    Sending an abundant burden of wishes to our little princess in the hope that a satisfactory future awaits!

    We want to say ‘Welcome’ to your new baby! What a perfect complement to an amazing family.

    The room has been painted pink and now is the time to decorate it with dolls and teddy bears, all this because you have been blessed with a pretty girl. Congratulations to you and your family for the birth of your princess.

    When you look her in the eye, you see the brightness of the promise. As you listen to the small whisper of your breath and feel the rhythm of your heart, know that you are holding, in your arms, a precious miracle.

    The little angel has ten small fingers and ten small fingers, with pink cheeks and a cute button nose. Congratulations on the arrival of the beautiful new love of your life!

    Congratulation Messages For New Child

    May the arrival of your new baby bring you many hugs, fun adventures and a lifetime of sweet memories.

    Congratulations on bringing such a lovely life to the world. For the next few days, I wish you joy, smiles, and love. You deserve them all, and I’m sure you’ll find them in your sweet daughter.

    You have spent nine months preparing for a life of love with your sweet baby. Many more congratulations.

    Your new daughter makes a lovely addition to an already wonderful family. May her cute smile make your world look a little brighter every day.

    The birth of a girl is so magical and full of many sweet things, you are one of the lucky ones to experience this magic and I am happy to share this joy with you. Congratulations my dear for the birth of your pretty girl.

    Now you have a princess in the king’s palace, the king and queen have awaited her arrival and it is a pleasure that baby girl is here now. Congratulations on the birth of your princess.

    Today I wish for your little princess to grow stronger, healthier and full of intelligence. Congratulations dear!

    Congratulation Messages For New Child

    We are pleased to welcome a sweet smile and new hands of a girl to brighten our day and to embrace and appreciate it.

    I take this valuable opportunity to congratulate the lucky parents who have given birth to a girl as beautiful as her most precious possession.

    Let the lucky little princess find success and happiness in every new step she takes in life.

    Congratulations on the birth of your new baby! May she bring many years of sugar, spices and all the good things.

    May your princess follow her dreams beyond the end of the rainbow and share her gift with the world around her.

    Congratulations on such a beautiful girl. Before you know it, she will turn 18 and she will go to college and get married. Ya, it’s a long time from now. Therefore, take the time to savor the moments you have now before she grows up too much.

    Congratulation Messages For New Child

    It’s time for you to see your princess opening her eyes and see the wonderful world around her, which has become much brighter with your presence. Congratulations.

    A beautiful princess has joined her family, I am pleased to wish you the best while embarking on teaching her everything she will need while becoming a beautiful young woman.

    A newborn girl is like a rainbow of color, brings with it the joy that only rainbow colors bring. May your little angel be a rainbow that illuminates your universe.

    If you walk through a meadow full of daisies and roses, it would not compare to the beauty and joy you experience when celebrating the birth of your little bundle of joy.

    May every moment you share with her be as glorious as the warmth I felt in sending you this message of congratulations!

    I want you to know that as your little princess begins her journey in this world, no matter how difficult it may seem, she must become incredible. I want to say that teach her to simply choose a dream, choose a passion and become the best version of herself that she can become. And that is what will make her love the life you have given you.

    Congratulation Messages For New Child

    Welcome to our sweet angel. Your princess has arrived in this world today, may the surrounding around her be her playground. For the beautiful mother, the angels above smile at you with kindness and patience to endure ballet classes and tea parties in the dollhouse.

    Today, you add a new bouquet to your life: a beautiful girl. I wish you and your whole family a lot of joy to receive this special blessing in your life.

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