600 Congratulation Messages For New Baby Girl Born – New Baby Wishes & Quotes Collection

    Congratulations on your newborn daughter. She is so cute. Genetics is so wonderful that It would inherit.

    Welcome to the club of parenthood. Congratulations on your newborn baby.

    May you appreciate this day forever in your life, may it always bring good memories. Congratulations on the birth of your baby.

    May happiness and joy continue to fill your home with the arrival of your newborn baby. Congratulations!

    Congratulations Quotes For Being a Mother

    Dear parents, you have welcomed a girl, and things are about to get much more interesting! May you live the happiest life with your new doll!

    You have a new addition to your family and the world has won another lovely flower. May this little girl make you smile and grow to be everything you expect it to be. Congratulations.

    This little girl has illuminated all our lives and we have the honor of celebrating her birth with you and the rest of the family. Receive our congratulations on the birth of your baby.

    Congratulations on bringing a girl to the world. Now get ready for smiles that bring the dawn, tears that cause thunderstorms, laughs that bring rainbows and love that unites everything.

    By welcoming the wonderful princess to your family, I hope that the experience that comes with a girl becomes a rewarding and surprising period. May each memory be engraved in their hearts to make paternity the best experience of all! Congratulations!

    Congratulations Quotes For Being a Mother

    Congratulations on the arrival of your precious sweet daughter! Enjoy while she fills your life with everything pink and sweet!

    As parents, you should be more than proud to welcome your baby! Knowing you too, I can’t wait to see the person that this little angel becomes.

    Be happy with your baby, since these miracles often happen, but they happen well! Have fun being the best parents and may your little one be happy forever!

    Thank you forever for the arrival of your adorable baby and never take a day with her for granted! You will be the best parents this baby could have asked for! Many more congratulations to you.

    A girl will always hold her father’s heart and her mother will support her forever! Love this girl with all the power you have, she deserves it!

    Don’t rush your days and make sure you are with your new baby as much as possible! They grow so fast, so create memorable moments for a lifetime! Congratulations!


    Congratulations Quotes For Being a Mother

    Congratulations on the arrival of your bundle of joy, may God continue to bless you.

    The girl child is adorable, I am very happy for you. Congratulations on the birth of your new baby.

    Knowing that the arrival of your baby should be such a precious and intimate moment! I wish you nothing but love, joy and wonderful memories with you beautiful girl.

    A girl promises to love her father forever and respect her mother! I can’t wait to meet this little doll! All the best!

    The best moments of life are slow and you almost slip away! Enjoy every minute with your new baby and may angels always protect her!

    Congratulations Quotes For Being a Mother

    There is something to say about welcoming a girl to the world! Here are laughter, happiness, and unconditional love!

    I feel that the sun has thrown a powerful ray to shine on all of us and I am very excited for the birth of your new baby. May she always be in good health. Congratulations.

    Congratulations on your new baby. May this bring you much happiness and joy. Best wishes!


    Congratulations on the arrival of a beautiful and cute girl! Being the father of a princess is a promise for a life full of love and sweet memories.

    She is finally here! Goodbye, big belly and welcome sugar and spices. Congratulations on the girl!

    So little, so precious. Now your days will be full of his innocent smiles and giggles, and you can’t stop talking about him. Congratulations dear and welcome to motherhood.

    Congratulations Quotes For Being a Mother

    I am sure that by the time you see your precious child, all your pain may have disappeared. Congratulations on being a mother and all the best.

    She is a divided image of you, and you can only imagine how proud you are. Congratulations on being a father. It’s time for you to learn to play games.

    Your baby girl is a gift sent from above, and I can’t think of two other people who deserve it. May your little man grow and bring you joy and happiness.

    Congratulations best friend! Now you are mommy too! Now, even our children become best friends. I can’t wait to share the joy of motherhood with you.

    God has sent us a beautiful flower. May we take care of her and guide her in the right direction so that she fulfills her destiny here on earth. Congratulations on the birth of your baby.

    Enjoy every moment you spend with your new baby, and that she enriches your life, your full heart, and your eternal happiness!

    Welcome, little girl! We all are ready to show you all its love and adventures! May your journey through life be happy, memorable and always hopeful!

    When an incredible little granddaughter arrives, dreams grow and hope flourishes in so many hearts. Congratulations on the new member of your family. I’m very happy for you!

    Congratulations Quotes For Being a Mother

    A girl arrives and just like that everything changes. The world gets bigger. Hearts fill more. We are excited about the celebration!

    Sometimes, the greatest joys come in the smallest packages. A rain of desires and love for your sweet and little bundle of joy!

    Finally, the princess has arrived. I still remember how anxious you were to meet her and I am also sure she will become your best friend. Congratulations!

    Receiving news of the birth of your precious daughter was one of the best things that happened to me in a long time. I am very happy for you and I pray for you and your whole family. Congratulations.

    We have received showers of blessings from above and we are very happy for the safe delivery of your baby. It is an honor and a blessing to be a part of your life. Congratulations to you.

    A new little granddaughter is to love us all with all her heart. I’m very happy for you! Congratulations.

    These little feet will follow some wonderful steps. Congratulations. I am very happy for you.

    Get ready for everything pink and pretty. She is finally here wrapping in emotion and incredible love. We are extremely happy for both of you. Accept our best wishes and our most sincere congratulations!

    Congratulations Quotes For Being a Mother

    When you begin this new chapter of your lives, may your baby bring you new memories? May she fill your home with happiness, joy, peace, unity, love, understanding and all that is good. Congratulations!

    I can’t think of two other people deserving of having welcomed the baby. I wish you joy and happiness.

    Now you are entering a new chapter in life. You are becoming parents. All the best for your family.

    I heard your baby’s news. Finally, the day has come and your baby is in your hands. I am sure you will be extremely happy. Congratulations and I hope to see the little princess soon.

    Your family photo is completed with the arrival of your baby. We know how much you anticipated her arrival. Congratulations and may God bless the little girl.

    I just heard the news, congratulations and all the best for both of us. May your little one grow up to be great and successful.

    Today will continue to be a special day for the rest of your life because today you became the mother of the cutest child. Congratulations and may God bless you.

    Congratulations Quotes For Being a Mother

    Sending lots of good wishes and endless love for your little prince. Congratulations on being a father.

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