900 Congratulations Message For Becoming First Time Parents After New Born Baby

    451. You have just brought an expensive wine to celebrate the moment and hope you may fulfill all wish of your daughter.

    452. Congratulations. I can’t believe my crazy brother is now a father. God bless you Lot of love for your baby and you both.

    453. Congratulations for becoming parent my mate. I wish to your newborn baby a prefectural child in near future.

    454. With the arrival of your new baby, joy and cheerful environment has been created after a long time. Congratulations.

    455. Congratulations brother. Now I want a grand celebration in this beautiful ceremony. So I could remember for this lifetime. Love your newborn baby and take care of your wife.

    456. This special moment only remains for short time but your baby will be forever with you. Congratulations.

    457. Wow her eyes are the door of beautiful wonderland. Whenever I see her I get lost. Congratulations for becoming the father of the sweetest child of the world.

    Congratulations Messages for Newly Born Baby to New Parents

    458. Congratulations brother. It seems like we are getting together this afternoon for a grand party. We will be discussing your child.

    459. Your bond with your child is unseen and unbreakable. So, show him the path of positivity which leads to success. Congratulation for becoming a parent and stay bless.

    460. I am very thankful to both of you that, you have given me a chance to take a beautiful angel in my arm. Best of luck for all over the family and lot congratulation for your parenthood

    461. When she will start to cry than you both will know the real pressure but all her hugs and smiling expression give you the reason to handle the pressure. Congratulation for becoming a parent and keep her happy.

    462. You need to buy a car instead of a bike because from now there will be another new member. Congratulation for becoming a parent and never bring misbalance in your relationship.

    463. If she grew up like this environment than she will learn to respect everyone and most especially her parents. Best wishes and lot congratulation for the little one.

    464. Heartily congratulation to my dearest friend for becoming mom and dad. All your nine-month pain finally changes into biggest treasure.

    465. I am so proud of you to know that you have entered into parenthood zone. Now, stop playing with other kids. You have your own child. Congratulations mate for becoming a parent


    Congratulations Messages for Newly Born Baby to New Parents

    466. Your newborn baby will test your maturity, emotions, and responsibility. So, be prepared for that. Congratulations mate for the best day of your life.

    467. From now spend each and every minute with your new child because she needs a love from parents like you. May your child bring cheerful days for both of you? Congratulations for becoming parents best wishes ahead.

    468. What a glorious day! I’m holding my excitement. You both have cared about my expectation thank you so much for that and best of luck ahead with your newborn baby. Congratulations god bless you both.

    469. Congratulations mate for becoming a guardian. Your newborn baby is lucky to have a parent like you because there is no limitation of love in your family. Love each other and your newborn baby. Best of luck

    470. A congrats brother for having an awful child. May this newborn star help you to reflect your prestige all around society as a good father? God bless you

    471. On this beautiful day, I will like to wish the evergreen couple a beautiful life ahead with a newborn angel. May this new cute little doll attract luck and love between your families. You have to fulfill all the desire of your new child in near future. Congratulations and best of luck for ahead my bro.

    472. It is awesome news and I can’t hold myself back here. All the holy fortune, happiness, joy and blessing come to you. Lot congratulation for becoming parents

    Congratulations Messages for Newly Born Baby to New Parents

    473. It is the second time I feel like I win a long journey trip and the first time was when you take a birth in this wonderful world. You become luckiest parents, my son.


    474. I am so excited that I have to cancel my international trip to see my new cousin and I find him more attractive than his father. Best of luck and congrats for becoming parents bro

    475. Congratulations brother for your new baby. It seems like the door of parenthood has just opened for you and it’s your responsibility to take it to the long way. Hold your baby hands until he steps in the field of maturity. Best of luck and stay blessed.

    476. This is an opportunity for you to celebrate this memorable event with me. Anyway, congrats on having a small part of yours May this new born child take you to your dream without killing your expectation.

    477. Congratulations my nephew for having a beautiful daughter. She copied your eyes, nose as well as behavior. Be proud of yourself because you gave a precious life in this modern civilization.

    478. Wow! It’s really a surprising event for me. I can’t believe that you became a father. Grow up, raise your child and make him king so he can rule the whole human kingdom. Congratulations.

    479. Congratulations mate for becoming a parent. I saw your eyes full of tears about to drop when you heard the voice of your precious life. Be strong feel proud of yourself to be a guardian of the prettiest baby of the world.

    480. How can I express about my current feelings on you? I really got amazed to know that you have reached the stage of parenthood very soon. Congratulation

    Congratulations Messages to Parents For New Baby Born

    481. Congratulations my boy. This is incredible news for me. I just jumped from my chair and tried some back flips too. So I could impress my newborn nephew by doing the same in coming days. God bless you both.

    482. It seems like your plant has just appeared from seeds that you have planted before, all you need to do is keep watering your plant so that it can give you some delicious fruit later. Congratulations on becoming a parent.

    483. I hope both of you already save some money for your new child and for his future. Congratulation for becoming parents and we will meet soon.

    484. All of our family and friends were gathered in our home to set the name for your new angle of a light brother. Have a nice day ahead and congratulation.

    Congratulations Messages to Parents For New Baby Born

    485. A congrats brother for becoming the coolest father ever. May your new born baby teach you all the baby stuff and along with love and peace. I have been waiting for this new event from a very long period of time. Stay happy

    486. It seems that you were the funniest guardian. Now you have to utilize your humor skills to make your baby laugh. Go ahead and best of luck.

    487. Congratulation sister for becoming parents as you know this adorable infant will add smile and happiness in every member of your family. Wow! He is a very delightful child.

    488. Just one image of your new baby got many likes and share on social media. It’s all because of her cuteness and charms same as yours. Congratulations mate for becoming a father of the wonderful child.

    Congratulations Messages to Parents For New Baby Born

    489. Congrats mate. Finally, another gate has opened for you to start your new beginning with adorable little ones. Good luck.

    490. Congrats dear. Those twinkling eyes of your newborn baby melted my heart. And I wish to see her very soon. God bless you both

    491. Congratulations on having the movable body of the world. May the cheeks of your new born baby filled with kisses.

    492. Congratulations on having a beautiful fairy that ever has existed in this world. You are lucky to have this one. Don’t forget to make your fairy fly to the sky. Best of luck

    493. I hope from now you will understand the meaning of parenthood and treat your parents in a good way dude. Congratulation for becoming parents and keep going.

    494. Congratulations. May your new child makes you show your white teeth every time? God bless you both.

    Congratulations Messages to Parents For New Baby Born

    495. The celebration is the word that’s roaming around my mind. I just want to take out this word and do it in a real way with you in the ceremony of your newborn baby. Congratulations.

    496. Congrats mate. Having a child is also a great achievement in your life. Appreciate it. Good luck

    497. I know your new born baby will make you feel proud as a father because I felt positive vibes and energy when I was between you and your newborn baby. Congratulations.

    498. Congrats mate for becoming coolest parent ever. Now it’s time to convert this beautiful event into a grand celebration. Let’s do it.

    499. Don’t worries we have arranged all the delivery expenses of you wife and lot congratulation for becoming most faithful parents.

    Congratulations Messages to Parents For New Baby Born

    500. A child is a profitable gift that fills the heart with a joy you never knew you were fit for feeling. Put aside this chance to appreciate the ponder of your new family.

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