900 Congratulations Message For Becoming First Time Parents After New Born Baby

    801. When your new baby arrives you can get the glimpse of yourself in them. They are your new version but slightly cool and beautiful. It’s time to shift my love from you to your little version after all they are way cuter and beautiful. Though they might be little devil but that is what makes them special. You have ben outdated son by my dear grandson. Congratulations happy parenting.

    New Baby Congratulations Message and Best Wishes From Company  To First Time Parents

    802. This world is full of delights and wonders. Welcome to the little world little ones. You are going to see the magic of this world but for us you are the living magic. Magic does exist and in this case it came in your form. You came and bought such happiness to these couple. I am so thankful to you and I wish you all the best to this journey that you have just begun. Congratulations on coming to this world my little one.

    803. This is really wonderful news. We are really excited that your new baby has arrived safe and healthy. May you find my joy and happiness with your new role as proud parents. Wishing you all the best and lots of love. The role of parents may be new to you but I know it will all be natural to you. You were born for this, guys. You are going to be the best for this child. Congratulations once again.

    804. Congratulations to Mama and papa bear. Baby bear seems to be so healthy and cute. We are really happy for you. And please send my love to you baby bar. And tell her that her aunty bear is always there for her and she is coming soon o visit her. I am really happy for you guys. I miss you two so much. CONGRATULATIONS ONCE AGAIN.

    New Baby Congratulations Message and Best Wishes From Company  To First Time Parents

    805. Goodbye tummy hello mommy. So how does it feel to have a baby after nine month o carrying him. Your tummy was so big I wonder how big of a champ you gave birth to. I am so excited to meet him. Congratulations on this new journey my guys. I love you both and my little champ.

    806. You will be great parents because God will always guide you along every path you are going to take. This path was chosen for you by Him and I know you are the perfect people for this. The baby is going to have the best life because he has chosen the best people as his parents. Warm wishes for new baby.

    807. Hip hip hooray to you. An angel has come down from Heaven to bring you joy. Get ready for a lot of fun and laughter moments with your cherub. You are very lucky to have these moments because there are many people out there who do not get to experience the parenthood. And you are among the selected one. Enjoy this moment and have a wonderful life with our little chubby. Congratulations guys.

    New Baby Congratulations Message and Best Wishes From Company  To First Time Parents

    808. You will become as beautiful as your mother. Careful breaking hearts in the future beauty. I really need to protect you from all the guy that may come to ask for you in marriage. I will protect my beauty. All these years I was happy to have your mother as my wife and I have been blessed with you as my daughter. Thank you both of you for being strong and being into my life. I am really happy love.

    809. There is nothing sweeter in this world than the smell of your ne born baby’ breathe the happy cooing sounds and the smell of your baby skin. I am so happy right now. If only you could see and understand how happy and thankful I am to you my dear daughter. I will also love you and protect you my little angel. Congratulation on your new bundle of joy.

    810. Congratulations on your new baby. Babies are bits of stardust blown from the hand of God. You are my sun and you are my moon. You are my everything. I am so happy and thankful that God sent you tome. When you grow up you will know how happy you made me. I am going to love and cherish every moment spent with you baby.

    New Baby Congratulations Message and Best Wishes From Company  To First Time Parents

    811. We are so happy, now you will be able to taste a little bit of heaven. The heaven filled with the love of your child. Children are the greatest blessing of God and you have been blessed with this wonderful blessing. You created this life into this earth and you are going to love every moment of it. God bless you new parents.

    812. Wishing you and your new born baby all the very best. Get ready for this exciting journey with joy and memories. This journey is going to be unlike any journey and I know you are going to enjoy every moment of it. May god bless you in every moment and may this love double with each passing year in your life. Congratulations once again guys.

    813. This is my prayer and my blessing for the child that has entered into your life recently. Send my love to your child and family. Be ready to accept all the love and happiness because your life is going to be overwhelmed with them. She is going to turn your life around and change it into a blessing, congratulations on becoming new parents guys.

    New Baby Congratulations Message and Best Wishes From Company  To First Time Parents

    814. I wished and prayed for this child and god granted my wishes. He answered my prayer through you child. I waited so long for this moment and now everything has been fulfilled. For this I am so grateful to him and his ways. All my wishes and prayer have been fulfilled my love. Thank you God for sending you into my life.

    815. Congratulations on the beautiful member added to your family. We give our best wishes for the new blessing in your family. May your newborn always give you happiness to the people around her.


    816. She is the rays of sunshine, the hope to the new day and the light of the darkness. You know who I am talking about. I AM TALKING ABOUT YOUR NEW SUNSHINE. I can’t believe she is here with us. If only I was there by her side, I don’t what I would have done. I am just so happy and excited at the same time. Congratulation and all the very best on venturing this journey of parenthood.

    New Baby Congratulations Message and Best Wishes From Company  To First Time Parents

    817. You are a very awesome friend to me and I know you will be more awesome as parents to this little one too. His additional member to your family is going to bring happiness into your life. May she shine bright like an angel and never outgrow her cuteness. Congratulation on becoming the new dad man. And all the very best to you.

    818. May your child grow into a handsome boy just like the ones who made you. You know what I am trying to say. For god sake I am saying that this guy whom I call and who just became a new dad is a handsome hunk. May your son grow in grace and love of God. And make your baby ready to be piled because I am coming and he is going to have the time of his life with his uncle. Congratulations once again man.

    819. Thank you guys for making me aunt. Out two have the awesome kid because he has the coolest aunt and that’s me by the way. Thank god she took after me if only she had taken after you two I don’t know what would have happen to that personality. But no worries his aunt I here to save the day. Send my love and kisses to my nephew will ya. And congratulation guys I am really happy.

    New Baby Congratulations Message and Best Wishes From Company  To First Time Parents

    820. With a father so handsome and mother so pretty no wonder you have such a sweet newborn. We are always here for you guys. And even may you celebrate this beautiful moment of your life we are with you. We are so happy that we probably come second after you guys. Congratulations for the arrival of your new baby.

    821. Treasure each and every moment with this baby. Because I know when I tell you that time flies so fast and soon, that with a blink of an eye she will become a young lady. A lady of her own desires and dreams ready to fly to venture into this world. Congratulations on creating the miracle of your own. May your family be more blessed as you walk into your new journey as mentors of your child. We are so joyful to hear of the arrival of this new blessing into your life. I can’t tell you how overjoyed we are to hers about this new gust. She is really the messenger of god and she will bring all the happiness and joy in our life. Congratulations once again guys.

    822. Hello parenthood and bye bye parenthood. Prepare yourselves for a world turning ride that will be unpredictable yet wonderful for you. This journey is the best thing that is going to happen to you. Pay attention to each and every moment because they will be there to give you happiness and reson to cherish this life even more. Congratulation on this beautiful moment.

    New Baby Congratulations Message and Best Wishes From Company  To First Time Parents

    823. You are going to be a great mom why? Because I know you and you can do so. I wish the best things happen in your life and to your sweet little baby. And say hi for me to your precious little boy, will you? Love you both.


    824. You are really happy aren’t you? Well piles of laundry, smelly room, nagging child and sleepless nights are hat you are going to get at them end of the day. But that is the perk or should I say the gift that comes with parenthood. It isn’t easy being parent. Don’t tell me I never told you. Happy parenting my dear sister.

    825. Your new bon baby is glistening with sparkle and oozing with cuteness. May God bless and watch over her and your family. I can’t wait for her to grow up so I can tell her that story of her birth. The adventure that she went through when she came into this world. She is a real fighter my love just like you. I am really happy for both of you.

    826. Your baby is sunshine. When you delivered the baby I remember the pain in your eyes and the agony that you had to go through my dear little sister. But I also remember the joy you felt when that little creature called human being was into your living embrace. The agony that went and the sorrow that you felt for years waiting for her vanished into the mist of air because she was atlas here in your loving arm. Congratulations my loving sister. I know you are going to be loving mother for my cousin.

    New Baby Congratulations Message and Best Wishes From Company  To First Time Parents

    827. You are a rookie in parenting. Don’t worry being your senior I can teach you here and there some stuff that you will definitely nee in a long run. Parenting is not so easy but at the same time it isn’t boring I have to tell you. Love your sleep then stop it because sleep is one thing you are hardly going to get. Friends and personal time are two things you must sacrifice. I told you it isn’t easy being a parent. But it’s really fun Just wait man. Congratulation no being a rookie and all the very best.

    828. You are a wonder woman for me honey. How can one perfect being create another perfect being? You are a wonder and you gave me another beautiful wonder. I love you both so much and I am so happy that you both are safe and healthy. Now I don’t need anything in life you have given me everything. Thank you very much love.

    829. Your girl outnumbered you. Now you will have no say in whatsoever. You are one against two after all. Congratulations on your new girl power. You are going to be the world best daddy and I know he is the daddy’s little girl. You two are so perfect for one another. I am really happy and I want to take this moment to congratulate on being a new daddy.

    New Baby Congratulations Message and Best Wishes From Company  To First Time Parents

    830. Your little boy is so cute and beautiful. Right as if this world was any less of a heartbreaker. I can’t handle this anymore. Why does he have to be so cute? We can’t wait to meet him personally and give a deep peck on cheek. Congratulations on your little baby.

    831. Your little cutie has the coolest parent in this town. I know this is my first time telling any good things about you guys. But look at that bundle of joy you two have created, you two definitely deserve one or two good words for creating that punk. I am really amazed as how beautiful our child is. He is really beautiful. Congratulations guys.

    832. If he is as handsome as his dad and quarter as kind as his mom, I must say you two have a real winner. Life is full of surprise isn’t it? Just when you said you two weren’t up for anything serious. The next I know you two got married and now you two are blessed with such wonderful creature in your hands. God has really mysterious way of working. Remember whatever happens enjoy and cherish them I am really happy for two of the dumbest people on earth. Congratulations guys.

    New Baby Congratulations Message and Best Wishes From Company  To First Time Parents

    833. I wish you and your little boy health, love and happiness. He is such a healthy child and pretty one too I wonder how many hearts he is going to break with the looks like this one. But I am really happy for you and I think I will pick this little kiss for my daughter. They are going to according wonderful friends and if all go according to the plan then hopefully a beautiful couple. Oh I know I am getting way ahead of myself But I am really happy for you guys. Congratulations once again.

    834. I welcome your little child into this world. You have made this world even more beautiful and blessed with your very presence. We are so happy to have you here. Our friendship with your parents has been very long and I hope you continue that tradition with our daughter too. You are going to be beautiful gentleman and I know why? Because I know your parents and they are such a great people. Welcome kiddo.

    835. I couldn’t be more happy than the very moment right now. Congratulations for the greatest baby of all time. There is no home like yours. Now we can go to school and picnic with our kids. It’s going to be fun. It was very tiring being the only child couple in the block. Now we can be together and not so lonely in this case. But I am really happy that you are going to experience this wonderful feeling with your child. It’s unlike anything man.

    New Baby Born Congratulations Message and Best Wishes For Becoming Parents

    836. This baby couldn’t be luckier than to have you two as his parents. If you get tired or need extra diaper at the moment feel free to call me because I am more than happy to be a babysitting duty. I am so excited to meet this little kid. He is really cute and naughty. I am always free for my nephew and if it is any other task than to see me then mind it that I will always be busy. I love you both but I love my nephew the most.

    837. Just so know you two know parents aren’t the only one who is thrilled to have a child. I think grandparents are more excited for their grandchild. We are coming the first thing in morning. We have been waiting for this moment for so long and now you tell us on such short notice. But no worries we two will be there soon to love and kiss our grandchild. I am really happy son. Thank you so much for this gift.

    New Baby Born Congratulations Message and Best Wishes For Becoming Parents

    838. We are so thrilled to hear about the birth of our grandchild. Congratulation to you and your entire family. You deserve every part of this happiness that you are experiencing right now. I am really happy for both of you. And I know that kid is going to have a wonderful parents and family. You two are going to be the best parents. Congratulations once gain.

    839. You know what is the best thing about the grandchild? You can recycle the stories that you have been telling for years and they will sound brand new. Congratulations guys you get to relive those moments once again. You can share those stories ad relive and enjoy being the hero of your own stories. You will once again be the one loved and the most favorite person for the child. Congratulations on becoming the grandparent.

    840. Were you tired during the time of your parenthood? If not then here is the good news for you dad. You are going to be grandparent soon and I just wanted to let you know that so that you could be ready for the parenthood round two. Love you dad. Can’t wait to see you with your grandson. I am really happy but I know that if there is anyone whose feet are not on earth after hearing this news then it’s you dad. I love you dad.

    New Baby Born Congratulations Message and Best Wishes For Becoming Parents

    841. Finally a very good reason to start posting on the Facebook. We can wait for the cuties pics. Please do post soon okay. After all the boring pic finally a good reason for the amazing pics. I am really happy for you guys and may this happiness last forever. Congratulations on becoming the parent guys.

    842. This is your new beginning to all the wonders, hope and dream of full of possibilities. This child is going to open that door for you that will lead you two to immense happiness and joy of parenthood. Just and enjoy each and every moment guys. I am really happy and proud of you two.

    843. There is hardly any baby who never cries or makes fuss. Your baby is a wonder who sleeps on schedule and burp on demand. YOUR BABY I BEUTIFU; D PERFECT. You have got such a perfect little angel that I am lost envying you two. Congratulations on becoming the new parent’s guys.

    New Baby Born Congratulations Message and Best Wishes For Becoming Parents

    844. Being parent comes with a responsibility of rearing good, kind and responsible human being. It all depends on you. It’s not an easy job but definitely not a boring one. I wish you lot of luck and hope for the best. You two are going to make wonderful parents.

    845. Sending loads of wish to the little princess and her new parents for a fulfilling future that waits. I welcome you to this exciting world because your arrival just made it more interesting. I am really happy for all of you and I give you all my wishes. Congratulations to all.

    846. We are glad to welcome a sweet smile and new hand of a baby to brighten our day and to hold and cherish. This baby is going to bring immense joy into your life. She is such an angel and I am really happy for both you. You are going to be an amazing parents and this baby is going have a wonderful family. Congratulations to all of you.

    847. I wish to take this worthy opportunity to congratulate the lucky parents who have brought forth such a gorgeous baby as their most treasured obsession. You family is extending and your happiness is doubling. This year indeed was a very lucky year for you guys. May this happiness and joy last in our life for all the years to come. Congratulations for your new born baby guys.

    New Baby Born Congratulations Message and Best Wishes For Becoming Parents

    848. Let the lucky little princess encounter success and happiness in every step she takes in life. She is the blessing that you have been seeking for so long. God has blessed you in her form. You will have an amazing life ahead. Babies are such a beautiful gift of God. You guys are really lucky. I am really happy for both of you and if you need any help, feel free to call me. I will always be there for you. Congratulations once again

    849. Congratulations on the timely birth of your new baby girl. May her brig forth any years of sugar, spice and all the nice things. I am so glad she is very healthy ready to kick you. I am pretty sure she will straighten you out. You have been very disobedient brother and your wife had enough with you. Now this little princess is going to take charge of your life. Looking forward to seeing her and you little devil brother. Love you both.

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