900 Congratulations Message For Becoming First Time Parents After New Born Baby

    850. May your princess flow her dream in the rainbow ends and share her gift with the world around her. Congratulations on the birth pure baby. She is shining with hope and desire. She will open the door for you toward your happiness. This parenthood is going to bring you and teach you many things. You are very lucky to have his moment. All the vey beat of luck.

    New Baby Born Congratulations Message and Best Wishes For Becoming Parents

    851. Your beautiful daughter is an adorable addition to your wonderful family. May she fill your life with lots of smiles and abundant joy. Your family has finally been completed with her arrival. She has brought such happiness and joy with her that it makes me feel this journey is not going to be tough on you. It is really a wonderful journey. You get to see your daughter grow from a tiny angel to a wonderful woman. It simply is magical and beautiful and heartbreaking at some point. Congratulations on being the new parents guys.

    852. You will soon find out that life without a baby girl has been boring. May your little princess fi; this void with love an miles for lifetime. Till now you may have been feeling incomplete despite having a wonderful husband and family. But I know this baby will make you feel complete and fill this emptiness that you had been feeling for so long. You are going to make a beautiful, mother and I know it for sure. Congratulations on being a new mother love.

    New Baby Born Congratulations Message and Best Wishes For Becoming Parents

    853. Congratulations on the safe and happy birth of baby girl. AS new parents may your heart overcome with joy as you raise your little angel. This joy is going to double with each passing day. But at the same time the nagging and the sleepless nights are going to waiting for you. It’s going to very fun to watch you become a new parent. I wish you all the very best man.

    854. May your little angel find happiness and beauty in the simplest pleasure and grow each day in sunshine and love. This world is beautiful and it can be quite tough for a little and innocent girl like. But let her know that there is nothing to worry about because she is always going to be loved and protected. She has lots of loved ones and we are always there for her. Congratulations on bringing this new angel into our world honey.

    855. Sending a cloud of blessings to the new born baby girl. Let the almighty God shower her with his blessings and make her a wonderful human being. May this world treat her right and do justice to her righteous mind. May she group into a wonderful beauty and may he have a very wonderful life. Congratulations guys on this wonderful new role.

    New Baby Born Congratulations Message and Best Wishes For Becoming Parents

    856. There is nothing quite as beautiful and wonderful as the birth of the new baby girl. Wishing you lots of love and health during this exciting moment. It is really a blessing to have a wonderful baby girl. They are the blessing of the girl. She is going to make an amazing person even if she gets half of the qualities that her parents have. She is really lucky to have you both as her parents. You are going to make very wonderful parents. Congratulations guys.

    857. Let the parents of this cute little girl receive my warmest wishes. She is such a delightful gift. May she live to live a happy and fulfilling life. This is her new beginning to this wonderful life. May she be blessed with happiness and success in every path of her life. I know it’s too early to wish but may she be blessed with the wonderful guy perfect for her. I am just really happy and I know you two are going to give her the best life that she actually deserves.

    858. Congratulations on the birth of your new baby girl into this amazing, beautiful and bright world. She just doubles this world’s beauty with her chem. She is going to be such a fine woman I wonder how many guys are going to fall over heels for her. And h welcome to the life of parenthood It’s unlike anything you have experience and seen guys. I love you all.

    New Baby Born Congratulations Message and Best Wishes For Becoming Parents

    859. Now that you have been blessed with a new bundle of joy in the name of a beautiful princess. I wish you a blissful; journey into parenthood. This journey is filled with hope, love happiness and commitment. It is going to need very spicy ingredient of life to make it work. Don’t worry you two are going to make it work because you have got all it takes to make a wonderful parents. Congratulations once again.

    860. You got me mesmerized my beautiful sweet girl. I am sure you will bring so much fun and keep us all charmed. I just couldn’t believe it that I was going to be a parent until I saw you. Oh and when I touched your tiny feet and little hand and when you smiled at me I was hooked on for life. I am so happy right now and it’s all because of you my love. I really do love you and I am going to protect you and your mother with all my life. Congratulations and thank you for coming into our life.

    861. Hope this day will be memorable to the parents and everyone waiting for the little prince to grow up quick and have a tremendous future. You guys have a wonderful future ahead and it’s going to be amazing. This child of your who just entered into your life is going to bring winder into our life I am really happy for you and I know she is going to have a beautiful family.

    New Baby Born Congratulations Message and Best Wishes For Becoming Parents

    862. Congratulations guys on having a little baby brother. May this little baby boy grow up to fulfill his wonderful dreams. May the Almighty always surround him in the walk of his life. You have the duty of a big brother now. You are not the only son of your family. You have to look after him and love him. You have to be a role model because he will always look after you. I know you are going to make wonderful big brother.

    863. Sending hearty tons of love to the little prince as we celebrate his birth. Congratulations to the new lucky parents. Your little prince is going to be an amazing man. I am really happy to see your complete family. Your family is really beautiful all thanks to your new guest. We are really proud of you and your new born. These few hours must have been really hard for you but don’t worry as now begin the new journey. Congratulants once again.

    864. Congratulations in the safe and sound arrival of your baby boy. I had my heart in my throats. I was really scared and I could see the fear of what may happen in the eyes of everyone. May your son experience life full of joy and utmost love. I am so glad that everything tuned out to fine. After this entire story deserved its happiness.


    New Baby Born Congratulations Message and Best Wishes For Becoming Parents

    865. May your precious newly born baby bring happiness and success to the world and special joy to you. She is really pretty just like her mother and I am pretty sure she has started to show the sign of intelligence just like her father. She has got all your qualities and I am really proud of hr.

    866. Your new prince will make you love stronger, nights longer and days shorter. He will teach you the pain, the sacrifices and the commitment. He will lead you to your salvation. He is the light that you always have been seeking in your life. Congratulations to the lucky parents.

    867. Cheers to the new parents. May these tiny feet of your cute little baby be a sign of everlasting love and joy. May these tiny hands lead towards your destiny. May thee innocent eyes teach you the meaning of the life. After all the real journey has just begun with her arrival. I am really happy for you and your angel. I can’t describe it in words. Congratulations on becoming a new dad. I now you are going to be a very good one

    New Baby Born Congratulations Message and Best Wishes For Becoming Parents

    868. Wish you all the best on the birth of your baby boy. May this little sunshine bring everlasting happiness and cuddles to your life and that of your family. These stars are twinkling just for your little prince. Your little prince is going to rule the world. Mark my word. With the family and parents like you, he is going to have an amazing life. Congratulations guys.

    869. Dear son, you may not understand what I’m saying to you but the day will come when you will understand them. Your arrival into this world has been my biggest accomplishment and today we are celebrating your coming into our world with much pump and color. You have made me the happiest person alive. And I have nothing to give you but only my gratitude for coming into my life. Thank you so much my dear son. You mean worlds to me and I love you so much.

    870. I hope your birthday becomes a happy and memorable day because this day is the reminder of the day that you came into our life. I am the happiest person alive and that’s all because of you. You have given me the gifts of your love and your joy. You are my biggest blessing and my gift from my God. I am thankful for everything and that’s all because of you.

    New Baby Born Congratulations Message and Best Wishes For Becoming Parents

    871. You are the new angel sent to us. You have now become the part of our heart and family. We love you baby boy. Without doing anything you have become something so precious to us. It has been what like nine month and here you are in front of us alive in flesh and bone. I am really grateful to God that you are healthy and strong as I could possibly imagine. Welcome to the family little baby boy.

    872. All the happiness and wishes to the new baby mom and dad. May life be especially sweet and fulfilling for you and our little prince. I know this new journey is going to treat you guys fair and square. You two have been though so much and it’s all going to finish for good. She is going to change everything for good. I am really happy for all of you and I congratulate all of you.


    873. I wish this exciting news, brings with it joy and fun. May your newly born baby boy live a long and happy life. MAY THIS world be the platform for his success and achievement. I wish nothing but the best for the little baby. He is going to be the best that he can be. I love him with all my hearts guys. I congratulate on this auspicious day.

    New Baby Born Congratulations Message and Best Wishes For Becoming Parents

    874. I am sending you the banquet of love on the auspicious occasion of the birth of your baby boy. Best wishes on your future. The parenthood is new to you and I know but not for long. Because after few days you are going to enjoy this amazing journey obviously after tons of dirty laundry and sleepless nights. Congratulations once again.

    875. I just heard that you have new baby born in the house. I bet you are so excited despite the fact that you cannot sleep. I was about to visit you but I am really excited that I couldn’t content myself. This wish is for the new baby and new parents who are going to make an amazing family. And do tell that little angel of yours that I will be there in few days. I am on my way there. Congratulation’s and cheers.

    876. Cheers on the birth of a new angel in your life. Get ready for unrelenting laughter and nonstop noise that your precious little boy will bring. Your happiness and laughter is going to double and the trouble is always going to double. It’s not two of you anymore. It’s three of you now and all the things are just going to multiply obviously for good, Congratulations guys.

    877. Tiny baby feet are the cutest. These little fingers are just so pretty and their cute faces are so breathtaking. If it were for me I would spend my entire day talking about how beautiful babies are. But I am controlling myself and taking this moment to congratulate you for this beautiful baby. We share in your joy. Congratulations guys.

    New Baby Born Congratulations Message and Best Wishes For Becoming Parents

    878. Babies make the word a whole lot better. Thank god for the baby that we get to relive the days of our childhood through them. They’re really precious and an amazing blessing to us. I am so happy for you guys and for this beautiful child that you have brought into the world. Congratulations on your tiny family member.

    879. Having a new baby is a game changer. You win in every way. Only when you are on their tem. Don’t think about competing with them beau they will win you every time, every freaking time. Don’t take any chance. Congratulations for having a winner in your team at last. I am really happy for you two.

    880. Savor each moment because our precious newborn baby will grow so fast. God has gifted you with an amazing blessing and this blessing is a one of a kind. Enjoy every moment of your child. Keep their records and lots and lots of photos. Children grow so fast before you know it they are ready to make their own family. Memories will keep these feeling alive. Congratulations guy.

    881. You might not remember what a good sleep was, but the nights up with the baby are the best. Becoming a parent is the blessing from the above. May you have the best moments as a family. We wish you all the good health and happiness on your exciting family friend. This journey is going to be an amazing experience for you. Congratulations guys on venturing into this journey.

    New Baby Born Congratulations Message and Best Wishes For Becoming Parents

    882. Congratulations on becoming the new parents. You will flourish as new parents. We are so happy for you. A new baby allows your heart to burst at the seams with pride. She is going o make you very proud and happy. You are going to have an amazing family and I am looking forward to it. Congratulating once again.

    883. Babies are the proof that angels exists in the world. God created them for miracle and they are our tiny miracle. So enjoy every moment with your tiny miracle. They are here for a reason, a reason to make this life even more meaning full. Congratulations on becoming the new parents guys.

    884. A baby lets you love even deeper. There are no limits. From onward, your life will change in incredible ways. She will change it all for good. You will have amazing life and family. Am really happy for you two. Congratulations on extending your family and becoming the new parents.

    885. She is laughing, the cutest we have ever seen, with mom’s eyes and dad’s smiles. There is nothing quite like a baby. Her first smile is a dazzler and that’s just the beginning. She h stolen all our hearts. Congratulations on her arrival and I am really glad for you both.

    New Baby Born Congratulations Message and Best Wishes For Becoming Parents

    886. May god bless your sweet baby boy. He is a star and a star is born in the family. This is a very magical moment. Al the very best. This is one lucky baby. And I know you are going to be super parents. He will touch your heart and change your world. Get ready for some nighters. I am here if you need help. Congratulations once again

    887. Warm wishes and lots of snuggle with the baby. Congratulations. Your newborn is a beautiful sight to behold. The joy of the new life is the best thing in the world. I can’t wait to meet your little man. I just want to say welcome little angel. This is truly a magical moment and I’m very happy to be a part of it. Congratulations once again.

    888. New member has been added into your family to continue your legacy. I am sending you a cradle full of best wishes and love. Parenthood is a unique journey and this journey is going to take you to many amazing places Congratulation once again to the new parents.

    889. Welcome our little angel. May this angel make your life prosperous and pure. She is so innocent that she will steal your heart in a very beautiful ways. And we don’t blame you either because we just couldn’t stop staring at this beauty that you made. We are really proud and happy for you guys. Congratulations on becoming the new parents.

    New Baby Born Congratulations Message and Best Wishes For Becoming Parents

    890. Congratulations to you and your growing family. We just heard that your baby girl has arrived safe and sound. Can’t wait for this little girl to stand up and get noticed. Here is the lifetime of happiness, health and a future with so many possibilities. We are just so happy for this moment, one you have wishes for several years. Congratulations once again

    891. You have been a remarkable treasure little one. Just holding his tiny wonderful finger is an amazing feeling in itself. Like a gem he is dazzling the worlds. Just look after him and love him with all is heart that is the only way I can control myself from stealing him. I know you would make amazing parents. I am so proud of you guys and all the very best for the journey that you have chosen.

    892. Who knew the human heart could hold so much? We are so happy for baby’s new arrival. This is the new mom wishes of congratulations with message meant just for her. From super girl to super mom, you have made it so far and I know you will keep on doing the best. You’re just so perfect to be her mother. I am so glad that she has got you. Congratulation on becoming a wonderful mother.

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