900 Congratulations Message For Becoming First Time Parents After New Born Baby

    301. Finally the door of parenthood has opened for you. Be happy on this beautiful day and lot congratulation.

    302. God gifted you a precious piece of your life. Make that piece one of the best in this world and in your life as well. Congratulation for becoming parents

    303. I know that you are very sensitive person and today I feel very special day for you. Onwards, fulfill your every responsibility as father. Congratulation buddy it’s your day.

    Congratulations Messages for Newly Born Baby to New Parents

    304. Congratulation for becoming mother, your maturity shows that your new born baby won’t face any problem in future due to your high level thinking and really caring.

    305. it’s a magical day for you guys because new member arrived in your family to make it more happy and sweet. Congratulation for becoming parents mate

    306. Wow! He is really an adorable and cute baby and he is exactly the same as you bro. congratulation and let’s celebrate

    307. I really missed your childhood, my son, when I saw my grandson playing with me. Congratulation for becoming a really caring father

    308. I feel your baby must bring good luck to your house as the first day she smiles like a moon. Congratulation and hope for the best

    309. Congratulation for becoming cool parents ever and your child is Lucky to have parents like you. Do your best and care her

    310. Forget your past and all those old days of struggle. Now, time has changed and make both of you as a parent. Congratulation and time to celebrate

    Congratulations Messages for Newly Born Baby to New Parents

    311. Wow! Good to know that you became a father. Don’t make your son mischievous and naughty like you. Anyway, your son is cutest of all in our neighbor. Congratulation

    312. Congratulation for becoming a mother, I am proud of you and I am lucky to be a maternal uncle of this god gifted baby.

    313. Wishing you both life time of joy and happiness with your new born baby. Congratulation and best of luck

    314. Becoming parents is not an easy as we think. It’s a cheerful and extraordinary moment for everyone as well. Congratulation brother and let’s book the hotel for a huge party.

    315. Congratulation my friends, she is your permanent happiness and the whole world for you. I am excited to see her with my own eyes and meet you soon.


    316. Without children, no family can continue its generation. So be prepared to continue your generation, my buddy. Congratulation for a new child

    Congratulations Messages for Newly Born Baby to New Parents

    317. You should be a good motivator, inspirer, guider and best friend of your newly born baby and I know you have all these qualities. Congratulation

    318. Your new born baby reminds of my elder son and is happy. Congratulation for becoming parents

    319. Congratulation for a new cutest buddy in this sweet home.

    320. Congratulations on your new born baby. Now be ready to answer all the questions from your baby in near future.

    321. I heartily congratulations you for being a father. Your child will teach you to be happy for no reason. You will be out of your depressed mind. God bless you, my friend.

    322. Finally, your life became so cheerful with your new beautiful little being. Congratulations.

    323. Congratulations on having more children than mine. You won the competition anyway this one is the cutest and adorable of all.


    324. Congratulations on becoming a mother. As you know you will be fonder of your child than your husband because the bond between a mother and a child is the best relation in the world.

    Congratulations Messages for Newly Born Baby to New Parents

    325. Spending a day with your kid makes you feel good. Remember that you should keep your distraction away to make your life happy with your newborn child. Congratulations man.

    326. Congratulations to mama and papa. I wish your newborn baby many years of joy and beautiful life. Stay blessed.

    327. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I’m excited that you are having a baby. Your child will be lucky to have you as a mother.

    328. Congratulations on your new born baby. Within a few months, you will be playing all day with your child and it will be the best form of birth control.

    329. Wow, I’m glad to hear this surprising news. Today is the birthday of lord Shiva and your new born child. What a coincidence also from today you became a real father. Congratulations.

    330. Now you should be able to sacrifice the entire thing for your child to see make his better future. Congratulations and good luck.

    Congratulations Messages for Newly Born Baby to New Parents

    331. It is good to know that you became a parent now. It’s your responsibility to be with your child in every step of your life. Keep supporting your child from now. Congratulations.

    332. Congratulations for becoming father pal. If you refuse to stand for your child in every obstacle that comes in life then we will refuse to stand for you. Enjoy your happy life from today.

    333. I’m so proud of you my son I became a grandfather today and I can see, I can play and I can teach my grandson before I die. Thank you so much son and congratulations for becoming a father.

    334. God finally listen to your words. You’re pray paid back. After many years you are becoming a mother. Congratulations my blessings are always with you.

    335. Did you know? Once upon a time, you were a great guitarist. That was the same hand which you use to play brutal guitars now playing with baby cheeks. Congratulations.

    336. A small family is a happy family and this newborn baby will be enough for you to make your life better. Treat her like a queen. Congratulations and best wishes.

    337. Congratulations on becoming father my friend. Those sleepless nights of yours finally gave the best result as a beautiful angel. Now it’s your duty to treat her like an angel and make her fly.

    Congratulations Messages for Newly Born Baby to New Parents

    338. Bravo! I can’t believe that my brother became a father. I’m so excited to see my nephew. Congratulations and best wishes.

    339. Wow, I was expecting this type of awesome news this week. It seems like a celebration is on the way. Congratulations mate for becoming a real guardian. Good luck for the upcoming days.

    340. Finally, after brutal pain and tears, you are able to see your child in front of your eyes. Your child is crying and you are smiling and this reflects how happy you are. Congratulations sister god bless you both.

    341. What a magical and memorable day. You know what, you gave a new life in this world and that’s your newborn baby I’m so proud of you congratulations.

    342. Congratulations for becoming father buddy. Your child is lucky to have a cool dad like you and it’s your duty to make him one of the coolest sons of the world.

    343. Children make your life precious, children will be there for you even at you last moment, Children teaches a good lesson. Congratulations mate for having a lovely child.

    344. Congratulations dear on having a valuable resource of your life. I’m eagerly waiting to see your cute little doll. I think I don’t need to take permission to play with my cousin.

    345. Celebrations were the main thing that came to my mind when I heard this news. I’m coming home to play with my cousin. Congratulations sister. When you will get well there should be a good treat that I can remember in my whole life.

    346. Congratulations for giving the greatest gift to your mother. I’m so happy today for becoming a grandmother. Now fulfill your responsibility as the best mother in the world and I know you will do that.

    Congratulations Messages for Newly Born Baby to New Parents

    347. To be a father at such a young age is not that easy as other think. Anyway, you will love your child more than yourself I have no doubt for it. Congratulations mate.

    348. Congratulations on becoming a mother. Now, for you, there is someone to be kissed before your husband after saying goodnight.

    349. I’m so grateful towards you. I can’t believe that the person who involved in gang banging become a father today. From now, you should change yourself for your newborn baby and I know you will. Congratulations bud.

    350. I know you hate cartoons but after a few months you will be watching Tom and Jerry with your child. You should appreciate my word. Congratulations stay blessed.

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