900 Congratulations Message For Becoming First Time Parents After New Born Baby

    351. Congratulations brother for your newborn baby. Now give your child love and wings of independence.

    352. I’m so glad to know that I will be pulling cheeks of your son with same hand which I pulled yours when you were born. Congratulations my nephew for becoming parents.

    353. Wishing you all the joy and heartiest congratulations on the day your baby boy has landed safely in this world. God bless

    354. Congratulations on the birth of your charming baby girl.

    Congratulations Messages for Newly Born Baby to New Parents

    355. Beautiful couples are now converting into fantastic parents. I’m so proud of you both. Congratulations.

    356. On this beautiful day I’m sending lots of love for your baby that you can’t imagine. Congratulations brother for becoming father.

    357. May all the happiness supports you for lifetime. Don’t hesitate to fulfill every demand of your new born baby. Congratulations.

    358. Though your wife is short and you are tall. Congratulations on your new baby girl.

    359. I have been saving my cuddle for your baby. Now, I’m coming this week with large amount of cuddles for your newborn baby. Congratulations mate for becoming father.

    360. Now I’m about to witness grand celebrations after a longtime. Do you have any idea what should I wear on your newborn baby ceremony? Congratulations brother.

    361. Congratulations on having twins. Now your life will be entertaining. Live your happy life with your two flowers.

    362. Congratulations for becoming father. Now you will be visualizing this world as child eye. As you know to be a good father you should be in familiar with your every child stuffs.

    Congratulations Messages for Newly Born Baby to New Parents

    363. Congratulations for becoming mother. On this happiest day I’m wishing you and your child a good health and a good life. You have to take her to a long way.

    364. Congratulations for your newborn baby. With the new life comes, new strength and new thoughts always comes in support. Good luck.

    365. I’m sure that you are out of depression. This will be one the memorable day for you in your life. So be happy and play and go play with your baby. Congratulations


    366. I know how you felt when your newborn baby recognizes you for the first time and smiles. Be proud of yourself. Congratulations

    367. Your child will be the only joy in life. All the best and congratulations

    368. Congratulations for newborn baby. Hope dad and baby doing well and I’m excited to meet with you both.

    369. Thank you for giving me most beautiful granddaughter in the world. Congratulations my son for becoming father.

    370. What a lucky little girl. You guys are the lightest hearted parents in the world. Congratulations.

    371. Bringing a new life in the world refers magnificent moment for a mother. Congratulations for the birth of your adorable baby.

    372. Congratulations for becoming father mate. Celebration is important thing to make this day memorable. So, what do think about it?

    Congratulations Messages for Newly Born Baby to New Parents

    373. I opened my g mail after a long time and I heard this beautiful news. Wow you surprised me and I am so happy to see you as father Congratulations.


    374. Congratulations for becoming guardian my brother. Lot of blessings for my little nephew God blesses your sweet family.

    375. May god bless your new born daughter and give her amazing life ahead. Congratulations.

    376. A bliss brought by your new baby in your life means a lot for you. Forget your regrets by watching your adorable baby. Congratulations.

    377. This new born baby will make beautiful understanding and cooperation between you and your wife. Congratulations.

    378. I can see a huge excitement in your face after you have become her father my bro. congratulation for your new baby

    379. Let’s have the party in the name of your little angel. Congrats and have a nice day ahead.

    380. You have proved that you are not only a successful businessman but also a good father dude. Congratulation for new one

    381. New born baby is always near to your heart and you have to treat him very softly. Congratulation for becoming parents

    382. it is common that after grab a child you start to cry my sister, because I know that how much you have done struggle to bring her into this world. Congratulation for becoming mother

    383. Finally god have listen your voice of soul and grant a beautiful child in your arm sister. Congratulation and stay safe

    Congratulations Messages for Newly Born Baby to New Parents

    384. I just feel yesterday was our childhood and today you have become a brilliant father of your new son.

    385. I am going to tell the story of our child hard when your baby start to listen and understand the word. We will meet soon and congratulation

    386. In this difficult circumstance as well you have give birth to your child and it shows your empowerment. Congratulation bro and hope for best

    387. You both looks to young that nobody believes you have a child. Congratulation and stay happy

    388. This time party will be from my side and congratulation for great happiness.

    389. it’s my suggestion for both of you that you have become a parent’s and don’t bring any conflict in your relation which may hamper your child future. Congratulation

    390. After a huge loss she comes out as a fortune for you. Congrats and always keep her safe.

    391. Why you are so hurry till now, doctor didn’t discharge her at. Anyway, congratulation for becoming parents.

    392. Now your cultivated seed turn into a plant and from now it will be up to you that what type of environment you will create?

    Congratulations Messages for Newly Born Baby to New Parents

    393. Heartily welcome to my new cousin in this awesome world. Congratulation

    394. I can’t hold myself back after listening news about new baby angle. Happy moment for us and congratulation

    395. Don’t be lazy panda when talking about bearing responsibility buddy. Congratulation for becoming parents

    396. I am curious that where have she will pronouns first? Anyway congrats mate and we meet soon.

    397. Take little bit rest and holidays for your family after having new one specially. Congratulation both of you

    398. Time to click a wonderful photo for beautiful memories for all of us. Congratulation and I defiantly need a huge party.

    399. after born recently he seems so healthy than I just think he may be interested in athletic. Congratulation for a super strong boy

    400. This is the best award for winning the life complex problem and difficulties. Best of luck and congratulation for becoming parents.

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