900 Congratulations Message For Becoming First Time Parents After New Born Baby

    401. Congratulation smartest couple, your biggest dream is going to fulfill in some hour and stay patient.

    402. What makes you happier than holding your son on your arms and directly looking to his eyes? Congratulation bro

    402. I have brought a beautiful and useful gift for both mom and my sweet baby. Congratulation for giving me a chance to be a dad

    Congratulations Messages for Newly Born Baby to New Parents

    403. I can’t express my feeling in this very moment but they are over flow through my eyes. Congratulation for becoming parents and be the sweetest couple ever.

    404. Look! Her eyes are same like her father when his was child and I am heartily congratulate for both of you.

    405. When he become little younger than he will understood all your sacrifice and love for him. Congrats buddy and time for celebration.

    406. It feels so good when I touch her nose and she smile looking towards me. God bless all of you and be happy

    407. Our whole family is waiting for arrival of our grandson in this house and makes everyone smile. Congratulation son for becoming parents

    408. This time god has send an angel in the form of your new baby. Happy birth day baby and congratulation

    409. It seems that your baby is more than perfect and she will be our future model. Congratulation

    410. Wow! Amazing that both of you have all ready pre planed the name and school for your new baby.

    411. Smile is charming and seems she is a sweet cake with beautiful white candle. Best wishes and lot congratulation for new parents.

    412. God always bless you and your new born son with a lot amount of joyful time. See you soon and congratulation.

    413. It doesn’t seem complete and perfect family until your new baby enters arrives. Congratulation for becoming parents

    Congratulations Messages for Newly Born Baby to New Parents

    414. Best wishes to my closest friend for becoming mom and dad in this very younger stage. Lot of congratulation


    415. Till now whatever come to your life both of you have face and just keep go ahead. Be the best parents for your new baby.

    416. Let her sleep for while because she is tired of crying and I will come after sometime to see her smiling face. Anyway, congratulation sister for becoming a mature mom

    417. Let’s have a moment of celebration tonight in your house and I can see how you dream your baby boy life for future. Congratulation and be brave.

    418. Don’t worry your son will surely join the army as like you but you have to guide him from the very beginning. Congratulation my friends for your new son

    419. Your daughter smile, eyes and activities are so awesome and attractive like a magnate. Congrats for becoming parents and enjoy the day.

    420. Wow! What a coincident that your son born the same day as you were born.

    421. Finally it feels like a family after a long period of time and I hope it continue like this with a lot lovely moment. Congratulation

    422. Becoming parents is one of the most awesome experiences someone ever have. Congratulation for becoming parents

    Congratulations Messages for Newly Born Baby to New Parents


    423. Now after today if you ever have a feeling of giving up on your work or life than just watch your daughter eyes once than you will get reason to live.

    424. Your daughter possesses the rarest eyes in all over the world. Congratulation

    425. Congratulations for a baby like cubs I wish I can have same as yours. God bless you

    426. Some parents wait for lifetime to have a baby like yours. You are lucky man. Congratulations.

    427. Congratulations brother. I’m in love with your newborn baby.

    428. Congratulations for becoming parents of a beautiful fairy. Everything about her is completely adorable.

    429. Congratulations for becoming mother. Do everything that makes your little angel happy. Best wishes.

    430. Congratulation. I feel blessed when I saw your baby face. God bless you.

    431. After a long time of patience you finally became a father. It’s a great moment congratulations.

    432. Congratulations. You got a beautiful little flower. On this beautiful moment I will like to wish you a great life ahead with your baby doll.

    433. I just want to thank you because you make me an uncle from today. Congrats for becoming father. Your baby is cute as little humming bird.

    434. Congratulations for being the parents of an adorable baby. May love surround your small family forever? God bless you and best of luck for coming days.

    Congratulations Messages for Newly Born Baby to New Parents

    435. Congrats mate. You now bear a responsibility of father. All I want to see love and affections between a father and a child. Best of luck

    436. How you feel when you touched those small feet of your little ones? Congratulations bro.

    437. The baby has got all the cuteness of mamma and all the awesomeness of papa. Congratulations both of you.

    438. Congratulations. This new little being will teach you many things in your life.

    439. Glow in your face shows how happy you are today. Your glow needs to be light up and it is only possible with your newborn baby. Congratulations.

    440. Can’t wait to play with the new member of the family. Congratulations.

    441. Congratulations have a precious journey with your extra ordinary kid. Good luck

    442. A child is a precious blessing to fill the lane in your heart and congratulations for becoming parents.

    443. As a fortune teller, I can say that this little one will play important role through your life and I hope you will always get a way to proud him. Congratulations

    444. For other it may be a simple child but I appreciate that he means whole world for both of you. May this New Year bring all joy in your hand?

    445. Wait for a little bit when your baby starts to walk after catching your finger, you will feel the source of happiness in that.

    446. I am really curious to watch your child growing in the environment of cool family. Congratulations on becoming father.

    Congratulations Messages for Newly Born Baby to New Parents

    447. It is a supernatural phenomenon that after a long period of time new source of light came in your family which eliminated all your darkness.

    448. When he will become younger, just teach him all the ritual and culture of our family so that he can continue it for next generation.

    449. Well after your first child, don’t ever think about divorce. He need both of you equally and congratulations.

    450. Rather to keep your child in dark room. Just take to morning walk for healthy body.

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